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Covid 19 Update from Tri Beauty

Covid Restrictions are now fully lifted from the salon but please see below for relevant information for vouchers that have expired during lockdown.

Expired Vouchers are completely void as we had extended and prolonged the vouchers for as long as financially viable. 

we will not under any circumstances extend or honour any voucher that has now expired even during covid. as a company we have worked very hard to survive during a very difficult time and where possible extended vouchers upto 6 months after lockdowns and honoured many despite them being lost, tampered with. two years on our prices and services have changed with inflation and cost of living. im sure you can understand the impact this has on us as a small business and we can no longer take the brunt of the cost of extending these vouchers.

thank you for understanding.


With love,

Jakkie and the Tri Beauty team 💕

Gift Vouchers and Prepaid Courses

Tri Beauty Gift Vouchers - all vouchers purchased directly from Tri beauty with a serial number that begins with TRI or OLV will be honoured and extended until July 2021.

Groupon - Unfortunately groupon vouchers which have not been redeemed before their expiry date, or have expired during lockdown are unable to be redeemed. I strongly urge you to contact Groupon directly for a refund as I have no control over the Groupon terms and conditions and have no control to extend the date of use of Groupon vouchers. I am extremely sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Prepaid Courses - all prepaid courses purchased directly from Tri Beauty with a serial number that begins with TRI or OLV will be honoured and extended until July 2021. We will contact clients who have outstanding treatments as soon as we have a reopen date to reschedule these appointments.

Terms and Conditions - please re-associate yourself with our terms and conditions which can be found in the HOME menu drop-down at the top of this page.

Tri Beauty Covid
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