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Pro-Definition Lift and Contour

The Arjuna and Lupin-infused jowl and chin mask works on elasticity, whilst potent nutrients and stem cells found in Edelweiss and Tiger Grass help support the extra-cellular matrix.

The structure of the skin is boosted through a unique deep, muscle-toning massage from the scalp to the décolleté. The skin appears plumper and revitalised, creating a profoundly sculpted, youthful effect.

Duration - 30 and 60 mins 

Recommended frequency: 1 treatment every 3 weeks. Course of 6 recommended.


  • Lack of definition

  • Sagging skin

  • Ageing



  • Massage lifting techniques help tone and shape facial contours

  • Helps reduce sagging skin along jawline

  • Targets jowls and double chin

  • Skin feels uplifted and firmer

  • Restores vital moisture levels

  • Skin appears plumped and revitalised

pro-definition day cream
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