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Back Cleanse

An area where the condition of the skin is easy to neglect, this complete treatment acts like a facial for the back to remove dull, dry skin, excess oil and blemishes.

What is included in a back cleanse?

  • Dry skin brushing - To remove any dead skin skin cells

  • Double Cleanse – To remove any dirt/products on the surface of the skin

  • Exfoliation – To remove any dead skin cells and leave the new cells to benefit 100% from the treatment - using a salt or sugar based scrub

  • Steam aromatic towels – To open up the pores of the skin allowing for moisture to absorb better

  • Back Massage – To help you relax further and release any tension you may have (Add an additional £15)

  • Mask- using a natural plant extract mask to refine and soothe the skin- (The mask will be left on for  approximately 10-20 minutes in which time you will enjoy a relaxing head and foot massage)

  • Tone – After removing the mask a toner is applied to tone and refresh the skin

  • Moisturise – To replenish the skin with moisture.


Benefits: A deep cleansing treatment ideal for clearing blocked pores & improving skin texture.

Duration: 45 minutes 

Recommended frequency: 1 treatment every 4 weeks with a course of 6 for maximum results

Milk Bath
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