There's nothing better than unwinding with a pedicure!

Treat yourself with our amazing collection of OPI


We have the option of a file and polish, perfect if

you don't have much time to spare.

We also have our full pedicure which includes

cuticle work, foot rasp, exfoliation and a relaxing


We have a perfect pedicure for you if you have

very dry, callused skin. Introducing our

MAINTENANCE PEDICURE! We have teamed our pedicure with products from MAVEX  to bring you super soft feet! After just one treatment you will be able to see amazing results of softer skin. We recommend 3 treatments depending on how dry or callused your feet are. 

                                          Like our manicure treatments we also offer an add                                           on for paraffin wax or just a stand alone paraffin                                               application to the feet. Keep them nice and soft                                                 and supple all year long!

                                         Team your foot treatment with our OPI lacquer or                                           Gel polishes.