Our Genie facials are the equivalent to non-surgical face lifts! The genie complete system offers the best 10 minute non- surgical face lift on the market. We can offer a variety of amazing facials with this technology. This machine works on the patented BAXENDALE wave and is more effective than any other in the beauty industry. A brief description of each is detailed below. Feel free to give us a call or pop in for a chat if you are interested. 


Take Ten. By creating a series of sustained contractions the wave exercises the facial muscles in exactly the same way as we work our bodies in the gym. With exercise sagging facial muscles return to their former position, increase in size, lift the features, reduce lines and wrinkles which results in a younger, healthier appearance. This treatment takes just 30 minutes so even with a busy schedule you can find time to fit this around everything! 

Ultimate Facial. The Ultimate facial is based on take ten but then has the added benefits of probe work pushing collagen products deep into the skin. You will firstly have the taken ten treatment, followed by lymphatic drainage on the face and neck which encourage toxin build up to disperse. After this lovely collagen products are worked into your skin using probes. We use a lifting technique to remind the muscles where they are supposed to be. We also work on any fine lines and wrinkles, helping them to soften dramatically. This is a very relaxing facial which lasts 1hour 15 minutes and will leave you feeling relaxed and revitalised.

Sinus Drainage. Our amazing sinus treatment is perfect for everyone. Blocked sinuses can cause facial discomfort, runny nose, puffy eyes and a reduced sense of smell. By having our sinus treatment we can help to alleviate the symptoms above, it has also proven to help with snoring and hay fever allergies! This works by using the lymphatic drainage programme which helps to boost the immune system. It clears blockages, eliminates toxins, transports nutrients to cells nd increases the metabolism.

Eyes like Diamonds. This amazing treatment targets the eye area and keeps them sparkling and rejuvenated. This works with an aspect of the take ten programme and the probe work which help to lift, tone and revive sagging skin round the eyes. It also helps to smooth fine line and wrinkles, tightens muscles and enhance the blood circulation which promoted instant radiance.