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Using a small blade (scalpel) your outer layers of your skin are gently removed (including peach fuzz). 
Leaving your skin glowing & skin care being able to penetrate better for greater results.
We recommend avoiding make up, skincare products and various activities for up to 24 hours. 



Dermaplaning works by removing the outer layers of your skin (known as the horny layer) in doing so you remove peach fuzz, dead skin cells, dirt, debris and oils. when you do this you leave your skin soft and glowing. Products are absorbed more easily into the skin and make up goes on smoother, meaning you can use less!

This treatment includes a double cleanse, dermaplaning (25 mins) and is finished with a hydrating serum and spf. 


Dermaplaning with Hydration Mask or LED Light

as above but included a choice of a hydrating mask or the LED facial treatment. The hydrating mask is a medical grade mask. The mask is designed for rapid recovery of dehydrated skin.

Light therapy emits energy in the form of Red or Blue light into the deeper layers of the skin. Light energy is found in every nerve, cell, gland and muscle of the body and each emits its own unique frequency vibration. The specific light wavelengths have a bio stimulatory action on the cells to normalise and rebalance the skin.



Dermaplaning with Treatment Facial

The dermaplaning treatment combined with a focus on environ treatment. The facial will be tailored to your skins need after an environ consultation.


how to prepare:

Where possible please attend your appointment make up free. we do advise to avoid washing or wearing make up for 24 hours after your appointment. it is really important to wear a light moisturiser and spf 50 after this treatment. For the first 3 days following this treatment skincare should be light and oil free. If you use vitamin a or retinol you will have to leave this out of your skincare routine for a few days and introduce slowly.

rebook for every 3-4 weeks to keep that beautiful glow.

lets get you booked in.

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