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Spray Tanning

A survey has found that perking up pale skin with a glow-enhancing fake tan is one of our favourite ways to boost our confidence. It has been known for a while that having a tan can make us feel more confident about our bodies and can mimic the positive self-image feelings we can experience following a relaxing break to the sun.


In a poll taken by Cosmopolitan magazine, a majority of 44 per cent said that they felt great after a summer holiday, agreeing with the statement that it makes them feel tanned and healthy.

A further 9 per cent said that having a  fake tan would be the one thing that would make them feel more body confident. This came second only to the majority vote from 74 per cent of respondents who said that losing weight was the key to feeling positive about their self-image.

Fake tanning also came out on top with the most votes for the best ‘body confidence invention’, with over a quarter of those surveyed believing it to be the ultimate invention to help us feel good in our skin. Twenty seven per cent of the women asked agreed that fake tanning was better than wearing high heels, attending slimming clubs and even having plastic surgery at improving confidence levels.

So the verdict has been reached; simple, safe and stunning – spray tanning is confidence in a bottle!

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When you top up your glow with a pampering spray tanning session it can start to fade if not properly maintained. But did you know there are a number of easy things you can do before and after your treatment to make your tan last longer?


These are the top ten tips from the beauty industry tanning gurus to help you enjoy your beach body tan for longer:

  1. Prepare your skin in advance with plenty of moisturiser after you bathe or shower in the week leading up to your tan.

  2. Buff up your body with a gentle exfoliator to keep dead skin cells at bay and guard against patchiness.

  3. Take extra care with elbows, knees and wrists where dryness can attract excess tan. Keep them soft with plenty of moisturiser.

  4. Keep hands and feet moisturised with sleep-in moisturising gloves and socks – ideal to leave on overnight in the week before your treatment to prevent dry skin.

  5. Scrub your back with a long-handled exfoliator brush so you don’t miss any bits.

  6. A small slick of petroleum jelly over your eyebrows prior to tanning can prevent visible tide marks, but check with your spray tanning therapist before your treatment to ensure you get the best results.

  7. Always take loose-fitting and dark coloured clothing to change into after your treatment. Avoid any tight waistbands which can leave tan marks or light clothing which can be easily marked.

  8. Leave your legs bare post-tanning if possible to minimise the risk of streaking.

  9. Check that you are satisfied with your tan with a full body mirror check before you go.

  10. Gentle exfoliation and plenty of moisturiser is essential following your tan to keep your colour maintained for longer between visits.

It is natural to have lots of questions on fake tanning, particularly if it’s a new beauty revelation for you. 


What is the active ingredient in fake tan?

 Dihydroxyacetone, or DHA, is a sugar that causes your skin to develop in colour by reacting with amino acids that naturally occur on the skin.


Can I use fake tan if I have skin sensitivities or allergies? 

Although tanning products are very safe to use and adverse reactions are extremely rare, it is always advisable to do a patch test 24 hours before all-over application if you have sensitive skin.

Can I use fake tan during pregnancy? 

There are no dangers understood to be associated with using fake tan during pregnancy, however, hormonal changes can alter the sensitivity of the skin and may make it more prone to allergic reactions. Always speak to your doctor first before using a fake tan product while pregnant.

Can I shower or swim after my fake tanning session? 

It is best to wait a minimum of 8 hours before showering or bathing, but ideally you should wait for 24 hours as the tanning product will continue to develop. Swimming and exercise should be avoided while your tan is developing.

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